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Rhodochrosite derives its pink color from Manganese
The name is derived from the Greek word for rose-colored.

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral

Colors: from a rose-red color to shades of pink to pale brown

Banded Rhodochrosite is mined in Capillitas, Argentina

Characteristics: concentric bands of light and dark rose colored & white layers

Colorado officially named Rhodochrosite as its state mineral in 2002

Folklore & Ledged: The Incas who called it Inca-Rose believed that Rhodochrosite is the blood of there former kings & queens that was turned to stone.
Friday, May 23, 2008

A Poem for Lady Lynn

Sunlit banks displayed in a golden glow...The lady of the water she moves both to and fro...Her yellow locks billow out in the Carolina breeze...She smiles as she hears the rustling of the ancient trees...Her eyes look to the skies her heart yearns for the stars...Though she lingers here in Clayton her soul dwells in heaven afar.

This is a copyright piece of work that my wonderful and talented friend The Muse has written for me. Please be sure to visit her website
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Childhood Cancer

God amazes me ....
Posted by Staci Tubbs on May 20, 2008

I have to say we have been through more than our fair share of storms (trials of life) in the last 7-8 years. I really carried in my backpack a lot of which I didn't realize at the time. I took the oaks of righteousness class from church as I was told from one of the pastors, that I needed to before I was to start a ministry within the church. (Unfortunately this ministry didn't start, it will one day but for now God has placed it on the back burner). I thought I had dealt with everything. Boy was I wrong. You don't realize the baggage that you carry with you day in a day out. Anyway there is a long story about everything the Holy Spirit brought to the surface. He renewed my commitment to Beads of Hope and for that I am soooo thankful. Besides being a mother and wife I have a purpose to educate those that are not aware about childhood cancer. There are so many children suffering and yet no one knows about childhood cancer. Everyone knows about breast cancer. These are our children....our saddens me that it takes a big star or corporation to make people stand up and take notice. That is not the majority in our world yet us little folks (divas) are what make up the majority of the population. If it wasn't for the self employed or Divapreneur there wouldn't be a lot of things.Where I was going with this post is when I finished the class. The Lord told me I would have lots of friends. I honestly thought are you nuts. I have always been the one on the outside looking in wanting to be the popular one, wanting to have tons of friends, wanting to be involved. Yet here I am. In the last month I have made so many friends and connected with people I have not talked to in a long time or even met and yet some how I feel I have known them and been close my entire life. God is awesome. There are a ton of fantastic ladies on this site. I sooooo look forward to the many things we as divas will do together to make the world take notice of us. Watch out world here we come!!!!!!
Saturday, May 17, 2008

Discovering Your Personal Style

Have you discovered your own personal style? If you look and feel confident in what you are wearing, you may have already determined what works for you. If not….please read on…

• Are you wearing most of the clothes hanging in your closet? If not, you need to
have a spring cleaning. It will make your task of finding something you look good
in and enjoy wearing much easier.
• Get rid of the old-fashioned clothes, the ones that don’t quit fit, and eliminate
those that are showing signs of wear & tear.
• What are left are the clothes that you like to wear and look good in.

Accentuate your assets

• The foundation of determining your style is to identify best features. Sadly, most women ignore this step.
• Know you body type and what looks best on you
• Once you have discovered your assets, select styles and colors that compliment them.
• Fashion and trends can be fun, but may not work for everyone. Just because something is hot, does not automatically mean you look good in it. Enjoy the trends but incorporate them when they compliment your personal style.

Trust your instincts

• When you look in the mirror and something doesn’t seem quit right, it probably isn’t.
• You will find yourself drawn to certain styles & colors because you know they look good on you.
• Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Find Your Look & Own It

• Style starts on the inside. If you feel like a million bucks, you will look like a million bucks!
• Wear what you know looks good on you. Looking good and feeling good about your looks builds confidence and confidence is the best look you can have!
• Once you find your own personal style and own it, you can accessorize you outfits with jewelry that will enhance your signature style.

Need Help?
Send me a picture of your outfit and let me offer you a list of jewelry suggestions personally selected for you.
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to Care for and Clean Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Prevention Keep your Sterling Silver Jewelry in tip top shape by keeping them in zip top bags. My favorite zip top bag size for pendants is 2” x 3”, larger necklaces 4” x 6”, Earrings 2” x 2”. Make sure they are clear (see through) and 2ml thickness. You can find these in your local craft shop, the internet or on eBay.When putting a chain in a plastic bag leave the clasp hanging out the top before you seal it closed. This will keep the chain from getting tangled. If it is Sterling Silver, put this little bag inside a larger one to keep the clasp from tarnishing.You’ll be surprised how much cleaner your Sterling Silver jewelry will be if you keep it in these little bags. Sterling Silver tarnishes when exposed to the air.Group matching items together. I still keep each item in an individual bag, but then group the sets and put the smaller bags in one larger bag. This is a great tip for traveling too!

Sunshine Cloth is a chemically treated cloth you can polish your sterling jewelry with by rubbing or buffing your item with. There are other chemically treated cloths on the market; but this one is Lady Lynn’s favorite.

Chemical Silver Cleaning Dips Avoid using chemical Silver Cleaning dips if possible, they can take the color or polish off some gemstones, leave a dull film on the silver and left in too long, eat away at the metal. If you have a stubborn spot on the silver, I suggest dipping a Q-tip in the cleaning solution and applying it sparingly. Make sure to use warm water and rinse the piece off thoroughly when you are done. Dry with a soft unbleached cotton cloth.

Chemical Silver Cleaning Paste Rub on gently avoiding the gemstone. Take a soft baby toothbrush or mushroom brush, warm water and mild unscented liquid dish soap and brush gently in one direction (not in a circular motion) to remove the polish. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft unbleached cotton cloth.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Choosing Your Ring

Choosing Your Ring

Nothing brings more attention to our hands than rings. One of the nicest features of a ring is that we can enjoy the beauty of the piece we are wearing without looking in the mirror.
The rings you choose to wear are a reflection of our personality and many have symbolic meaning to us.

When you are choosing a ring to purchase, consider the shape of your hands and fingers.

A ring that is longer than it is wide, emphasizes the length of long fingers
Wide bands make the fingers look shorter
“Chunky” rings look best on a larger hand or someone with long fingers.
A diagonal setting adds the appearance of longer fingers to a shorter hand.

Anatomy of the Ring:
The head hold your stone in place. The prongs on the head slightly cover the shape of stone to keep it in place. The remainder of the ring is called the shank. A ring shank can wear down over time becoming thinner and can be replaced with another full shank or a half shank.

Age, arthritis or swelling of the joint may cause the knuckles to become larger. This may cause your ring to fit uncomfortably. There are brand names of ring shanks that are adjustable. They are Fingerfit, Superfit & Lockshank. A professional jeweler can install this type of shank to your ring.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lady Lynn's Boutique

Welcome to Lady Lynn’s Boutique, where we are committed to dazzling you with our elegantly bold selection of sterling silver gemstone jewelry that can transform a tired outfit or infuse your favorite outfit with new life. Image consultants consistently tout jewelry as THE tool that can instantly transform your looks, but the exclusive silver designer jewelry you will find at Lady Lynn’s Boutique will also allow you to express your unique personality to the world without ever saying a word. Perfect for the accomplished and confident woman, these designer pieces will attract compliments and attention, making it impossible to go unnoticed.
Lady Lynn has made a name for herself among women determined to find designer gemstone jewelry that allows them to stand out in a crowd, while showcasing only the best of themselves. So, take some time to browse the elegant collection of designer gemstone pendants, earrings and bracelets in this exclusive boutique for the discerning shopper.
Not sure what you are looking for? No problem. Lady Lynn is quickly becoming an internet sensation known best for her outstanding sense of style and unrelenting commitment to customer service. So send her a picture of the outfit you just bought (or the one you are trying to reinvent) and let her send you a list of her favorite picks for you. Like a light in the darkness, Lady Lynn’s Boutique offers an extensive and exclusive collection of timeless pieces that you will buy once but enjoy for a lifetime.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Serving Our Community

Last night our church "Small Group" had an amazing time fixing meals to donate to the House of Hope in Clayton, NC

We made enough delicious food to feed 120 servings and had an incredible time of fun & fellowship while reaching out to help those in our community.

Thanks to Easy Life Meals who made the evening lots of fun for us.

Our mission is to reach the lost and hurting!

Thanks to everyone who made this a huge success!


Marketing Success Conference for Women

The Marketing Success Conference for Women Entrepreneurs Presented by: Brand UniversityDate: June 13, 2008
Loosing hundreds if not thousand of dollars on marketing activities with little or no return? Can't figure out how to effectively gain and retain customers? Wanting to increase business exposure without breaking the bank? Then Brand University's The Marketing Success Conference for Women Entrepreneurs is for you!
Join more than 150 women entrepreneurs who will be positioned for marketing success by attending Brand University. Our Brand University faculty consists of best-selling authors, television personalities, million-dollar entrepreneurs and marketing gurus who have the information you want to know to solve your marketing problems. You will walk away with practical, strategic information that you can apply and see results from immediately.
Let's face it, you don't know what you don't know. But what you don't know could cost you a mini fortune. With more than six pre-conference teleseminars, a pre-conference power networking segment, 12 workshops and access to successful business women and hundreds of potential connections awaiting you and Brand University, what do you have to lose?
For more information and to register, visit today!
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How to Choose the Right Earrings

Well chosen earrings can dangle to match your playful personality or convey authority.
Choose a style of earring to flatter your face or draw attention away from problem areas.

FACE: Consider the shape of your face. They eye is drawn to the point at which the earring ends. To focus attention to your face, wear your earrings no longer than your jaw line. If you need to draw attention away from your jaw line, select earrings that are a bit shorter.

EYES: If you are is a stage of life that you need to draw attention away from eyes that are beginning to age, select earrings that are on French Wires that do not sit on the ear lobe.

NOSE: Choose earrings that are the opposite shape of your nose. If you have a long slender nose, select rounded styles. If you have a round nose, select dangle earrings. Bear no resemblance to the shape of your nose.

NECK: The longer your neck the greater the range of your earring length is.


The most common problem is earrings that droop and do not sit upright on your ear lobe. The solution is to buy round plastic disks that sit against the back of your ear between your ear lobe and the earring back. You can easily find these in most department & drug stores. Keep a pair on hand. You may run across a pair of earring the droop at bit due to the weight of the earring.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Earth Awakes


The Earth Awakes

This gorgeous pendant reminds me of the awakening of spring. The crisp shades of greens bursting forth the sparkling colors of the rainbow

Green Goddess

Green Goddess
Iridescent Abalone with a Rainbow of Colors dances with Russian Seraphinite & Peridot. This provocative pendant is stunning!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Your Jewelry Box ~ Organize it!

Your Jewelry Box

What does your jewelry box look like? Better yet, do you have any idea what is in there? Is it neatly organized so you can find something to enhance the outfit you are wearing? If not please keep reading.

My husband often accuses me of spending more time deciding & selecting what jewelry pieces I am going to wear each day. He is partially correct! Unless you have unlimited wealth, most of us have a basic wardrobe hanging in our closet. Sure we have the occasional “special occasion outfits” but for the most part we have a selection of mix and match sets to choose from.

Selecting your jewelry should be given as much consideration as you clothing wardrobe. With proper care of your jewelry (which we will discuss soon) it will be around a lot longer than your clothes. You can transform your wardrobe by carefully selecting your jewelry.

Your first order of business should be to clean and organize you closet. If it doesn’t look great on you, don’t keep it. Spend some time this week organizing your closet.
Donate to charity anything you haven’t worn in the last year with the exception of your “special outfits” that are only worn for special occasions. What is hanging in your closet should reflect who you are, your style & unique personality. Organize similar items together.

We all tend to hang on to a few things that simply do not fit us anymore or are looking worn out. Be courageous my dear, toss it in the give away pile!

Wow! What a difference. Now you can actually see what you have and know that you will look good in everything that is in there.

Your jewelry wardrobe does not have to be expensive or extensive, but it should be well thought out and organized to reflex your style.

Now, about that jewelry box……

Organize it!
Take an inventory of what you actually wear. If the item is broken, missing stones, doesn’t fit or simply is never worn, it does not belong there. (More on jewelry repair soon).

Storage Options:
The Jewelry Box
There is a wide variety of beautiful and functional boxes with compartments available. Unfortunately we have a tendency to toss our items in there and before long we have a box with necklaces tangled around bracelets. To avoid the cluttered mess, each jewelry item should be place in a little zip top plastic bag. My favorite zip top bag size for pendants is 2” x 3”, larger necklaces 4” x 6”, Earrings 2” x 2”. Make sure they are clear (see through) and 2ml thickness. You can find these in your local craft shop, the internet or on eBay.
When putting a chain in a plastic bag leave the clasp hanging out the top before you seal it closed. This will keep the chain from getting tangled. If it is Sterling Silver, put this little bag inside a larger one to keep the clasp from tarnishing.
You’ll be surprised how much cleaner your Sterling Silver jewelry will be if you keep it in these little bags. Sterling Silver tarnishes when exposed to the air.

I like to group matching items together. I still keep each item in an individual bag, but then group the sets and put the smaller bags in one larger bag. This is a great tip for traveling too!

Now you can identify gaps in your jewelry wardrobe and make good choices for future purchases.

Remember, your jewelry and your clothes are reflections of your personal style.

Next blog will be:
How to Choose Earrings that Look Good on You

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