Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Company Rising

A Company Rising by Greg Austin

There is a breathing, living and moving Company of those who "have an ear" that is rising up - invisible to the institutions of Religion and unseen by the tradition-bound. It is World-wide, Simultaneous and Spirit-led. This Company has no formal name, wears no crown of importance, and moves through alley ways and byways instead of parading down broad avenues.

It is the Faithful Remnant, the Wise Virgins; the True Bride awaiting her Groom. It is the Faithful Steward, the Lone Leper returning with thanksgiving. It is the church of the Latter Rain, the Temple more glorious, the Church of the living God against whom the gates of hell cannot prevail. This Company travels on its face, feasts on His grace, moves at His bidding, speaks His voice, and carries the DNA of His Son.

It is invisible that He may be seen, silent that He may be heard. Its leadership derives from the True Head, its humility comes from knowing both Who He is and Who we are. Its strength comes from knowing both what we are and Whose we are.

This Company appears, not in neon lights or before television cameras, but in humble homes and in office buildings and in streets filled with desperate, dying men. Its appearance will only be as a Traffic Sign, pointing the way to the boulevard of mercy and the avenue of grace: Guiding lost souls along the highway of longsuffering and the freeways of goodness and truth.

If you "hear" and receive this message in your heart, you are part of that Company, glorious in His Righteous Robes, resplendent in the aura of His Glory, magnetic with the perfume of His presence.

Keep walking in the way He has ordered. Watch for Him to appear - where the institution least expects Him. Two thousand years ago they anticipated He would emerge from a Temple, and to appear as Royalty. They least expected Bethlehem, and a Stable and a Feeding Trough, yet this was the Place of His choosing, the Place His Presence was ordained to begin. So in the humility of a home - a place for family, a place of shelter and sustenance and laughter, will He once again appear, emerging to captivate the hearts of the multitudes in this hour of His choosing.

I encourage you, keep moving forward. The rising up of this Church will soon shake the world!