Friday, February 27, 2009

And the winners are...

I am so excited to announce the winners for this week giveaways!
Congratulations Lady Roxi – darkfyre! You have won the Yurman Inspired Jewelry Contest this week.
Congratulations Teresa Rose – trlarose! You have won the Gold Star Jewelry Contest this week.
Congratulations Jayne - dugsdream! You have won the Handcrafted Gemstone Earrings.

Congratulations to all who entered the Random Acts of Kindness Contest. Your generosity touched my heart. Thanks for making this world a better place for reaching out to others!

Congratulations Yvonne Butler – ybutler and Charlene Kuser – CharlieGurl you both won a pair of Handcrafted Gemstone Earrings.

Allow me to share with you a few of the thoughtful random acts and challenge you to perform a Random Act of Kindness this week:
I took a kitten abandoned by neighbors that moved to the vet and had her spayed. She also became our family's newest member!
My friend was sick so I sent her an e-card to cheer her up and made her homemade chicken noodle soup!
My husband and I purchased a new to us car, which left us with 2 other vehicles. We are going to give one to my mother so that she has a reliable vehicle to get around in.
I babysat on Valentines Day so my friend could have a much needed night out with her husband.
My husband and I both live on Disability Pension, so I have a lot of time to find free offers on the computer. This morning we took a box full of formula and diapers to the Single Parents Centre!
I was visiting my friend on Monday, and her mother was visiting as well. When it was time for her mother to leave, she was planning to take the bus home about 30 miles away but I offered to take her home instead so she wouldn't have to wait in the cold for the bus.
I visited my friend who is dying from cancer and walked her dog for her as she can't get out and has resorted to diapering the dog.
I donated art supplies to a local group that helps grieving children.
My random act of kindness this week was not watching the clock as I gave enthusiastic teenagers guitar lessons.
I gave a lady extra coupons that i had while i was grocery shopping
I found my husband on the floor not breathing. I called 911 and he was taken to the hospital. At first they said there was no chance for him to survive but by some miracle he pulled through. I have been walking to the hospital ever day this week and sitting by his side for hours and praying. He is doing a little better and I will continue to sit by his side for as many hours as I'm allowed.
I finished grocery shopping I saw this old lady struggling to get groceries out of her cart. I went over and helped her load all of her groceries in car. She was so grateful and it made me happy to help her.
We are trying to donate food to the local Salvation Army pantry as much as we can, and I am including a bottle of perfume and other new toiletries in every box. People who are experiencing the need of food assistance need items to feed the heart, too.
A friend lost her husband this week so I wrote her a short poem showing I cared and was praying for her and sent it to her in the place of sending a sympathy card.
My random act of kindness this week was helping an elderly lady at Walgreen's with her packages.

I will be posting all the new giveaways today and tomorrow!
Have a blessed weekend and thanks for joining in the fun!