Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Blooming?

Blooming flowers are inspiring designers to awake their color pallets with spring colors! Bright crisp blues and purples are in the forefront with seductive fuchsia, tangy orange and luscious lemon following close behind. Softer shades of lavender, dusty rose, slate gray and salmon rose produce a warmer summer hues. Vibrant Greens and Citron is producing freshness to the summer look.

We encourage you to rediscover what is already hanging in your closet and revamp the look by adding complimentary jewelry that will awake that forgotten outfit into something spectacular!

There is always something new blooming at......


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Liz said...

How lovely every piece you do and the nice suggestion of what to wear is nice also.

Reviyve said...

All of your jewelry is just exquisite. My favorite however hasto be the green and purple swirled pendant