Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Fashion News From Lady Lynn

As the USA has been blanketed with snowstorms and rain this week, many of us are focusing on keeping our necks warm. A great solution is the turtleneck sweater, cowl-neck sweater and mock turtleneck.

What is the best way to wear jewelry that is flattering with these styles? Choose an exceptional pair of medium to larger scale earrings, perhaps that dangle, to balance the scale of the sweater’s neckline. The earrings will keep the focus up on the face. I especially like dangle and hoop earrings because the sweater already draws your attention to the neckline.

Bracelets, rings and brooches (pins) are also great choices to finish off the “look”. If you are choosing a necklace, I would suggest a long layered chain look. There is something wonderful about the shiny metal of beautiful jewelry contrasting with the texture of a soft, cozy sweater.

Lady Lynn

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The Muse said...

...delighted to see you out and about & love the tips, dear lynn :)

Chic Gal said...

Lynn this was a great little post. I wear turtle necks quite often and always go for the big earrings.