Friday, January 27, 2012

Designer Inspired Jewelry 2012 Collection

Wow! What a busy week. We have been selecting the best in Designer Inspired Jewelry for our 2012 Boutique Collection. We are so excited to bring you the most Trendy Fashion Jewelry as well as Designer Replica Jewelry.
Our Designer Style Cable Cuff Bracelets continue to be our most requested item. They come in a variety of colors and you are sure to find a great selection at Lady Lynn’s Gift Boutique. They can be worn alone to make a statement or stacked for that trendy designer look. All of the cable bracelets are easily adjustable for most wrists sizes and come in different millimeter widths. The large the millimeter, that thicker the cable.

We have noticed a new trend emerging in Fashion Bracelets.
The wide Victorian Bangles are selling out as fast as we list them in our wholesale online jewelry store. The Vintage Fashion Bracelets come in a fascinating array of color combinations. We have just received a new shipment and will be listing them shortly.

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So, which is your favorite Designer Inspired Bracelet?
Until next time… Lady Lynn

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