What do women really want for Valentine's Day?
This is the question that perplexes men all over the world.
After several years of marriage, I finally got up enough courage to be honest with my hubby, Ronnie.
Quite often men and women express their affection by doing things for their significant other that they would actually like.
After Ronnie and I had read Gary Chapman's book Five Love Languages, we both realized that he was expressing love to me by "touch"' which was actually his love language. I on the other hand was showing him love by "words of affirmation". Humm...
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Maybe this applied to gifts too.
As the owner of Lady Lynn's Gift Boutique, I realized that I not only needed to speak up but to shout out that not all women like lacy, ruffled and itchy nighties or electronic gadgets.
Most women prefer quality time (which includes talking guys), small acts of kindness, and just knowing that he took the initiative to do something.
It does not have to be expensive and break the bank, it just has to be thoughtful. By thoughtful I mean thinking about what she likes (not what he likes).
Now if you are like me, I want my husband to know how I feel. Print this article and leave it where he will stumble across it. Drop a few hints that will make him rethink his Valentine's Day gift this year.Designer Inspired Shoulder Bag Blue Snakeskin Megan
Here are a few that I do not want:
Don't give me chocolates, I am dieting.
Don't give me another itchy nighty, I have hundreds.
Don't send me roses, the price is ridiculous this time of year and they die too quickly.
Don't spend an extravagant amount of money on a gift and put us in debt, it's still and always will be the thought that counts.
 So ladies now it is your turn and turn about is fair play.
Get your hubby electronics, game tickets, or the nighty with you in it for his gift.

At Lady Lynn's Gift Boutique we have a great selection of jewelry and accessories at affordable prices. Out gifts range from $8.00 to $50.00
From jewelry to handbags there is always something to fit every style. Now all you have to do is find out her favorite color and you can shop our online boutique by color categories. We hope you will consider shopping with us for all your gift giving occasions.
Now I am off to send my hubby this link and hope for the best :)Here are a few suggestions:
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