Monday, April 8, 2013

Meaningful Mondays

  I have a Monday morning routine that helps me stay focused and organized for the week ahead. This is the best time for me to take a few moments alone, to reflect on my past week and week ahead. I often find myself on Monday mornings feeling overwhelmed because I did not finish what I needed to accomplish the prior week. It is a feeling of always playing "catch up" which of course is never going to happen.

  I titled this post Meaningful Mondays because this is the time where I can take mental inventory of what is important to me. The fact that the kitchen floor did not get mopped, the blog article did not get written or the evening didn't go as planned; may be what is yelling the loudest at me; but definitely what is not the most important and meaningful thing in my life.

  I am a rather organized person. I like being on time, having a plan and working with a calendar or list. When the house is a mess, my office unorganized, dinner not planned or a sudden change of plans; I get in a bit of a tizzy. I tend to go with the flow to keep the peace, but then find myself somewhat resenting that my plans were changed by someone else who unintentionally upset my apple cart.

  To make my Monday mornings meaningful, I take a short time to reflect on what is important. I usually find myself admitting that my "feeling out of sync", was because I did not meet the plans and expectations I had set for myself. I soon realize that meeting all expectations, is unrealistic. I also realize that taking this time to take personal inventory, empowers me to feel confident and in control of my life through out the week. It allows me to reflect of what is most important to me.

  I have now begun to make a plan for my week on Monday mornings. I do make my organized list; but this time I have it divided into three sections.
1. Must Do
2. Never Do
3. Would like to do

  Must do is obvious, the stuff that really has to get done no matter what. Be honest with yourself here. The would like to do are the things I would like to accomplish this week. Some of which will get done and others will be transferred to the following week or until I can accomplish them.
Writing down things in my never do list actually helps remind me by declaring what I will not do to sabotage myself and anything that will cause unnecessary strife in our family.

  I am becoming the person God wants me to be. I have not arrived yet but I am staying on the road to becoming a happier me.

  Give it a try. The point is not just about making the list, it is learning to embrace each week as an opportunity to discovering a happier, more confident you. Keep you lists short, not more than ten things in each category. Be realistic and think positive. Each of us knows when is the best time of day to slip away for a few minutes to have some quiet reflective time. Mine is Monday mornings. When is yours?

  I would love to hear about what works best for you.

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sheila ressel said...

I like your idea of making a list to do on Monday. I'm attempting to be more organized in my life to reduce my stress and will definitely give this a try.

rj7777 said...

I love this outlook and it sounds familiar to what I think about. Life can be so confusing and there has been many interruptions in my life lately. I still try to focus on remaining calm and adjusting as I need to. Changes and things happen which disrupt the normal and I am trying to keep myself the same despite these interruptions. Thanks for your great outlook. Rita Spratlen