Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Praying for Swaziland

Praying for Swaziland
My Pastor has the privilege this week of traveling to a country that is filled with challenges and opportunities. Swaziland is a country near South Africa that has the highest percentage of AIDS victims in the world. Approximately 40% have AIDS and the average life span is approximately 30 years old. Yesterday I was talking with Dave Ohlerking, the founder and President of Children’s Cup, and he shared that among high school boys 67% have AIDS and there are thousands of AIDS orphans that are in need of assistance.
The purpose of this mission trip is to spend time with and train leaders, to experience front lines missions as they feed and care for the children, and to see how God is working in this part of the world. Africa will also play a key role in our vision for Kingdom Builders at C3 Church for 2009. PLEASE pray for our Pastor Matt Fry and his family, as we spend about a week in Africa. Pray for Swaziland, pray for Dave and Jean Ohlerking, pray for Pastor Ben and Susan Rogers, and pray for their safe travel and that the power of God would work in them and through them. http://www.mattfry.com


The Muse said...

Oh yes, you know this will be in my heart...and I lift them up, Lynn! :)