Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Moving On

The time has finally come....we have been on the move. Please visit our new home here

Monday, April 8, 2013

Meaningful Mondays

  I have a Monday morning routine that helps me stay focused and organized for the week ahead. This is the best time for me to take a few moments alone, to reflect on my past week and week ahead. I often find myself on Monday mornings feeling overwhelmed because I did not finish what I needed to accomplish the prior week. It is a feeling of always playing "catch up" which of course is never going to happen.

  I titled this post Meaningful Mondays because this is the time where I can take mental inventory of what is important to me. The fact that the kitchen floor did not get mopped, the blog article did not get written or the evening didn't go as planned; may be what is yelling the loudest at me; but definitely what is not the most important and meaningful thing in my life.

  I am a rather organized person. I like being on time, having a plan and working with a calendar or list. When the house is a mess, my office unorganized, dinner not planned or a sudden change of plans; I get in a bit of a tizzy. I tend to go with the flow to keep the peace, but then find myself somewhat resenting that my plans were changed by someone else who unintentionally upset my apple cart.

  To make my Monday mornings meaningful, I take a short time to reflect on what is important. I usually find myself admitting that my "feeling out of sync", was because I did not meet the plans and expectations I had set for myself. I soon realize that meeting all expectations, is unrealistic. I also realize that taking this time to take personal inventory, empowers me to feel confident and in control of my life through out the week. It allows me to reflect of what is most important to me.

  I have now begun to make a plan for my week on Monday mornings. I do make my organized list; but this time I have it divided into three sections.
1. Must Do
2. Never Do
3. Would like to do

  Must do is obvious, the stuff that really has to get done no matter what. Be honest with yourself here. The would like to do are the things I would like to accomplish this week. Some of which will get done and others will be transferred to the following week or until I can accomplish them.
Writing down things in my never do list actually helps remind me by declaring what I will not do to sabotage myself and anything that will cause unnecessary strife in our family.

  I am becoming the person God wants me to be. I have not arrived yet but I am staying on the road to becoming a happier me.

  Give it a try. The point is not just about making the list, it is learning to embrace each week as an opportunity to discovering a happier, more confident you. Keep you lists short, not more than ten things in each category. Be realistic and think positive. Each of us knows when is the best time of day to slip away for a few minutes to have some quiet reflective time. Mine is Monday mornings. When is yours?

  I would love to hear about what works best for you.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Refreshing Spring Beauty

  Wake up sleepy's Spring!
Spring is the time for new beginnings, stunning colors and a sense of renewed energy. Guess that is where someone got the bright idea for "spring cleaning".
  My automatic biological clock starts ticking first of March, setting off little alarms in my brain reminding me of all the little chores that have been piling up all winter. My honey-do list expands and my hunger for freshness comes alive. It can be anything from fresh fruits and veggies to fresh fashions or just enjoying the crisp spring air while planting in the garden.

  We have one spring rule in our home every year, no outdoor garden planting until April 15th. Something about the chance of killing frost before then.....oh well...I am the city girl and he has the agricultural background, so I will just take heed that my smart hubby knows more than I do in this area.

  Besides, that gives me until then to plan the garden, spring clean the house, and go through the closets and drawers getting ready for a change of season.

 Just like our gardens need preparation and our homes need spring cleanings; our bodies and wardrobe need to get a little attention before swimsuit and bare shoulder fashions appear. There are hundreds of lotions and potions available in department stores. You can make an appointment and go to the spa to have a facial or you can do it yourself at home. Since I love a bargain, here is a fun and inexpensive ways to get your skin nourished and softer this season.

Face mask and scrub to renew, refreshed and brighten your skin.

Kiwi is a superfruit for your skin. It is full of vitamin C, antioxidants, and alpha hydroxy fruit acids. The little seeds in Kiwi will. Serve as a natural exfoliating scrub and leave your skin brightened, nourished and feeling softer. Here is a mask you can make yourself using kiwi plus a few simple ingredients.

2 kiwis - peel and pureed in a blender.
Add 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon of orange juice and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
Blend until smooth mixture with tiny seeds.
Using your fingertips, apply to your entire face (avoiding the eyes). Leave on until dry and then rinse off well.


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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

“Beauty is Only Skin Deep” - Really?

It's not about what you wear, what size you are or how stylish you are. I have been following Bonnie for over a year now and know that her message will lift your spirits, as it has mine. I hope you will join me in welcoming her and following her on Pinterest. Her life has been a blessing to so many and I am thankful that she wanted to be a light of sunshine to all of us!
Lady Lynn

"Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" is a 1966 hit single recorded by The Temptations for the Gordy (Motown) label. Written by Norman Whitfield and Edward Holland, Jr., and produced by Whitfield, the song was a number three pop hit and a number one R&B hit in the United States.
   The song's theme is inner beauty and its value over physical appearance. David Ruffin sings lead on this song, relating the story of a man who's become frustrated with dating pretty women with "ugly" attitudes. He now praises his current girl, whom he does not find as physically beautiful, but feels that her personality more than makes up for it. "She may be fine on the outside/but so untrue on the inside", is a typical lyric from the song.  – Source:

  OK ladies, I know we all want to feel  beautiful . Can I get a resounding Amen??? I almost hear the chorus of your voices right now & I can feel your tears & pain.
  When I started this article I was looking at it in the correct general direction, but I as I went on I knew I had to take it further. This because I know my story is the same as many of yours. Let me say this, True Beauty starts within you first. It must. 
  I, for one, certainly have always wanted to feel beautiful. Since I was 12 years old, I’ve loved all things hair & makeup. I’ve tried to daily adorn myself outwardly to look nice, to feel good about myself. But it was to no avail, because I didn’t believe in my own uniqueness, my own individuality, my own beauty.  No matter how much I painted or sprayed on, how tight or how low-cut the clothing, how much I changed the outward, the inward stayed the same. The battle for my self-esteem continued on. I walked through a childhood with an alcoholic father, an over-worked, over-tired & angry (who could blame her) Mother, molestation as a child and pre-teen, raped at 15 & subsequently 5 years of physical & emotional abuse as a young woman. These all only further drove the awful paralyzing belief home – that I wasn’t worthy of real love from anyone, and never had been. I share these intimate things to let you know I really do understand what hopeless & ugly feels like.

  Fast forward many years later & at 43 today, I can honestly say I feel truly beautiful, and it started on the inside.  This came from my finally getting revelation of how much God loves me & accepts me as I am. Yes, I wish I had “gotten it” earlier, but it came when I believe I needed it most & when I was finally broken enough to receive it. 
  It was near the end of September of 2011. You can say, on that bittersweet day, that I saw the Light. And guess where it happened? - In a WalMart parking lot, of all places.  I had been sitting in my car crying & talking to my precious Pastor’s wife on the phone about watching my 14-year-supposed-to-be-forever marriage crumbling before my eyes.  I was so spent, so exhausted, so broken. As a result of that conversation I had an epiphany.  God used her mightily in those few moments to encourage me & He spoke so sweetly to my heart that fateful day.

  In His Fatherly voice as only he can, He whispered deeply into my heart & said:
“Bonnie, you have believed a lie since you were a little girl, and that lie is this – that you have never been enough.”  He went on to give me examples starting from childhood, all the way up through the current day & marriage.  I was doing the ugly cry by then, to say the least. But what got me, what hit me the hardest – was the Truth that he spoke to me then & there that set me free of that horrible lie I had believed for so long - He said “I want you to know that you ARE enough, because I say you are enough.”

  In that moment, my striving to be this or that, to be whoever I thought I needed to be to my husband outwardly/inwardly  - & to anyone else for that matter –went flying away into the breeze, carried in His sweet Grace, Mercy & Love. Those beliefs of not feeling beautiful - struggling with my weight, skin, hair, all the things we go through as ladies – suddenly took on a whole new meaning. Today, as I type this, I now know I am beautiful because of whom my Creator is & I now know am good enough for the same exact reason.  I have great Hope that one sweet day another special someone else will see it too.
  BUT if that never happens for me again, I have God most of all, and my family & friends. I will be just fine no matter what.   And so will you. J
  I pray that each and every woman - young or old - that reads this will feel a spark inside of you; one that, with time & a change in your belief system, will ignite into a blazing fire. I pray it will embed deep into your spirit & soul just how precious, loved & accepted you already are - in the Beloved heart of our Father. And for that reason alone, you can begin to see your own unique beauty.

Peace ladies - Sweet Grace-full peace.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's Your Style Personality?

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.
Sophia Loren

Even if you only have a very small budget, with a bit of planning it's possible to guide your wardrobe into the way you'd like it to look, fabulous! First you have to define your fashion personality. Your fashion personality is your individual, unique way of expressing yourself through clothing and accessories. Not sure where to begin. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Can you relate to one of them?
You gravitate toward casual, comfortable, athletic style clothing. Denim is you go to fashion by choice. You are probably outgoing, exuberant, spontaneous and enjoy activities.

You are all girl! You love wearing soft, feminine, delicate clothing, soft fabrics, details like flowers, bows, or ruffles, Romantic style clothing is a very feminine style, emphasizing the beauty of female.

You prefer the tailored look in your clothing. You gravitate towards more conservative styles. You are classy, more traditional and neat.

You are a trendy fashionista. You like making a statement in your fashion expression by wearing bold, unique, colorful clothing. You like to wear latest looks to stand out and be seen.

You are most comfortable in simple, neutral color clothing with little to no detail, earth tones. You like to blend in rather than stand out. You are most likely easy going and casual in your fashion choices.

Whatever goes because you are a free spirit.  You love constant change and originality, being care free and full of life. Eclectic style wears a combination of different clothing and accessories to give a unique look. She creates a combination of different styles that are unique.

You fashion choices are all about being comfortable, self expressive clothing. Boho Chicks are usually relaxed free flowing styles, who love to wear exotic and tribal prints and layers. You have a bold, creative personalities.

  If you are still not sure, try going through fashion magazines. Cut out your favorite styles of clothes that you love. Make a fashion collage with these pictures. They will give you an idea of your style. Another great idea is to go to Pinterest.

  Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love. It is free to use. One word of caution, it is addicting. Click here to see my favorites. I love using “pins” for all sorts of things from decorating my home and garden, wish list, recipes, fashion and makeup ideas. There are lots of creative uses and in no time at all, you will have you style personality figured out.
  I confess, I am a bit on the dramatic side in choosing my style.
How about you?

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easy Way to Change Your Body Shape

Change your Body Shape with a Few Simple Rules 
v    You can change your body shape with the colors you choose 
  Dark colors minimize while light colors will maximize. Make choices to help bring out your best features and to camouflage areas that are less than perfect. This timeless rule has never changed but is often forgotten or overlooked.   
  Heavy hips? Avoid wearing light pants. Choose darker colors to camouflage your hips.
  Large Bust? Once again, choose to wear the darker colors in sweaters and tops.

  Your eyes will focus on the lighter colors, so you will want to keep the lighter colors where you want to draw attention and the darker colors where you want to disguise.  
Women, who are curvy plus and opt to wear darker colors, don’t have to settle for drab. Bring out your beautiful smile, eyes and hair by wearing a scarf, earrings or necklace that will draw the attention to your face. 

v    You can also change your body shape with patterns
  Busy patterns and designs in fabric will draw attention to that area. Likewise the busy patterns will bring out areas that you wish to enhance to appear larger.  It is so easy to fall in love with a cute blouse, but if it is in a busy pattern and you are trying to camouflage that area, better to make a different choice.  

  I recently bought a darling yellow top with trendy studs on it. I thought it would look so cute with a pair of black pants. By the time I arrived back home and actually tried it on, I realized that it was way to “in your face” (to put it nicely) where the actual studs were located on my bust line. If you are uncertain, it is always best to try it on before you invest in that purchase. We do not need anymore clothes, hanging in our well organized closets, which we are not going to wear. 

  So, be honest, am I the only one who forgets this rule and finds myself making unflattering clothing purchases? I would like to hear from you by leaving your comments below.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Finding the Right Bra for You

If you want to look your best, it is important that your clothes fit properly. You've probably heard the statistics - it's estimated that up to 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. That's an astounding number, but not so surprising when you look at what we know and don't know about bras. Things like:
  • Most of us have never been professionally fitted for a bra
  • Most mass-market retailers don't sell bras in a cup size larger than a DD so we make do with what's available, even if we need a larger cup size
  • Bra sizing and the relationship between band size and cup size is confusing and never adequately explained
  • What we know about bras and how they should fit came from our mothers, who probably had never been professionally fitted and who learned from their moms, who had never been professionally fitted, and so on.
The Big Girls Bras Guide to Finding the Right Bra   has written a guide for you, so you can finally find the right bra. So you never again have to settle for an almost right bra. They also have a great selection of bras and swimwear.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Dress for Your Body Type

  Women come in all shapes and sizes. Most women hate talking about their body shape, because there is always one area we are not happy with. The most important rule of stylish dressing and the one people will remember, is how your clothes fit. Wearing clothes that are too big, too tight, etc are what people will remember about you. It does not matter how cute the outfit is, if it does not fit properly, it will not emphasize your beauty and minimize areas you are trying to cover up. By using clothing correctly, you can easily hide your body's imperfections and create the perfect style for you. It is human nature that people will notice what is wrong with your appearance before they look further. You may have just left the Salon and have a great hair style, perfectly polished toes and nails and the trendiest designer jewelry on and one unflattering fitting outfit dominates their first impression of you. Knowing what to wear to look your best starts with your body type.

  We are going to start by taking a body type assessment of ourselves. Knowing your body type will help you choose the right styles for your figure. Wearing clothes that are proportionately right for you is the key for looking your best.
  Once we figure out our body type you can choose styles are the most appropriate for your figure. We already figured out our best colors; if you haven't started yet, hop on board here. If you are like most women, now you realize why your closet is full with clothes that you almost never wear. Now you have the tools to make the best decision when buying clothes and accessories, saving you money and frustration.
  Make yourself a promise not to buy something because it is pretty, trendy and chic without first checking to make sure it is in your color palette and secondly that is an appropriate style for your body type. Emphasize your best features by knowing what to wear.
  There are basically six body types. The easiest way to figure out what is your body type, is to stand in front of a full length mirror and observe the relationship between your shoulders, bust line, hips and waist.

Your bust and hips are almost equal and your waist is well defined, Hourglass body types should emphasize their waist line and curve of their hips.

Your bust, waist and hips are all very similar. You do not have a well defined waist. Most in this body type have a medium bust and a flat bottom and have more of an athletic figure with not much definition. Rectangular body types should choose more fitted styles that emphasize their waist and curves.

Your bust, waist and hips are equal (waist may be larger) and most have a curved bottom. Oval body types need to choose styles to make the body look longer, elongated. Oval body types look best in v-necks and should never tuck in their tops at the waist. The goal is to elongate the visual shape of you body.

Your bust is smaller than your hips and bottom is curved. Your waist is well defined. The goal is to create an illusion that your shoulders are wide. Triangle body types should choose big collar shirts and can choose details like ruffles on the collar to make the shoulders appear broader. Keep your bottoms plain and simple and avoid turtlenecks that hide your neckline.
Inverted Triangle
Your shoulders are narrow, small bust line and most of your weigh is distributed in your midriff and waist area. Diamond body types should avoid anything that emphasizes their waist area.

Your shoulders are narrow, small bust line and most of your weigh is distributed in your midriff and waist area. Diamond body types should avoid anything that emphasizes their waist area.
The main objective ladies, is to find out what looks good on your body type to bring out the radient you. We all know that when we feel good about how we look, we radiant confidence and receive compliments.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jewelry Capsules

Jewelry Storage
  Today I am going to reveal the best kept secret of jewelry storage and organization. I know you are expecting something amazing to be written here but; out of all the many jewelry boxes, hooks and organizers I have had through out the years, I keep going back to the same method. Many women like to hang their jewelry so they can easily see what they have and avoid them from getting tangled. The only problem I have with this method is that the air oxidizes all jewelry (including fashion jewelry) and the dust in the air settles in the tiny spaces and groves in the jewelry.

So my tried and try method is this:

  All of my jewelry is kept in individual zip top bags. I take coordinating jewelry (each piece in their individual little bag) and make a jewelry capsule by placing all the coordinating items in one larger zip top bag. This makes it so easy to select the color of jewelry and see all the matching choices I have in the same color. You can purchase a variety of little zip top bags at your local craft store. I have one drawer in my dresser where I store my jewelry, fancy headband and hair clips. This will keep them from tangling, getting lost, banging around and scratching each other in your jewelry box and preserve the life of your jewelry.

  I use drawer organizers to keep my colors separated. You can purchase nice ones but to be honest with you, old shoe boxes work best for me. If you want to dress them up by painting them or covering them with paper, that would be a cute way to personalize them. I find that the shoe boxes are the perfect depth to hold several bags and the perfect size to fit in my drawer. I keep them separated by color. If you take a look on our website, , you will see the way I group the different colors. This makes it so easy to grab a bag and know something in that bag is going to coordinate with the color I am wearing.

  I actually discovered this trick when I was packing for a trip. I attached the coordinating jewelry bag to each of the outfits I was wearing. When I got back home, all I had to do is put the bag back in the drawer and it was ready for next time. My daughter, who is a single Mom, is always rushing out the door for work. She chooses what she is going to wear the night before and lays the jewelry bag on her dresser so she won't have to stress out in the morning getting ready for work and the kids ready for school.

  So now get creative and save your shoe boxes. Decorating them can be a fun project to enjoy with you kids or grandchildren. So now some of you are wondering what to do with those beautiful jewelry boxes you have. I have one of those tall, stand up jewelry boxes. I use it to store anything from sewing supplies, sunglasses, and etc. Most of the things that people keep in a "junk drawer" will be perfectly organized in there.

  Getting organized has very little to do with having to spend more money, it is all about being creative with what you have and taking proper care of it. Okay y'all (that's the southerner coming out in me), I am off to clean out another drawer. Little by little we will see a big difference. If you haven’t started yet, jump in and join us.

  I would like to send one of our readers, who leave a comment on this blog, an assortment package of zip top bags, to help them get started. I have them in eight different sizes and I will send you a bunch of each size. You will not believe how much time this will save you and how nicely it protects your jewelry.

  Until next time, please continue to let us know how it’s going and any good suggestions you may have to share with others.

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