Thursday, February 14, 2013

Making It Easy To Look Your Best

Here we are on Valentine 's Day and the most exciting thing I have accomplished so far today is my laundry. I was actually shocked pulling the clothes out of my hamper and loading them into the washing machine. One entire weeks worth of clothes and everything but one top was black. You're kidding? For years I have been an advocate of choosing your signature style and colors. Here I am wearing all black and not a color in site. Sure black is a favorite; but all black without some color or color accessory makes you look wash out. 
This weekend lets begin our daunting task or going through our closet.
If you are like me, I have a closet full of clothes I never wear. First of all some of them were purchased simply because they were on sale and looked cute on the hanger. That's a big no no. Only purchase clothes and accessories that match your color season (more on that later). Then there are the clothes that no longer fit (I am sure the dryer shrank them). Clothes fitting too tight or too loose are not flattering to any figure. Clothes are meant to fit properly. As I look through my closet I see a whole lot of black among a sea of various colors. The colors are mostly tanks and camisoles to add the pop of color.
Make two piles. One are clothes that you actually wear. The other are clothes that have been there unworn for a year or more. The one exception to this is your special occasion and formal wear just in case you get asked to the ball :). Keep those in a special place in your closet.
Pile number one are the clothes you do not wear. Bag them up, take them to a shelter, a church clothes closet or Goodwill and bless someone else with them.
Pile number two, all the clothes you do wear. Put aside anything that no longer fits, is stained, or is not flattering to you. Put those with the giveaway pile.
Now what you should have left is probably a whole lots less clothes and more room in your closet. Now we are making some progress. Soon you will have a closet full of clothes that all make you look fabulous darling!
Hopefully you can finish the closet task this week and now the fun begins. 
It is no secret that certain colors look great on you and some are just not flattering. We waste money purchasing clothing and accessories in colors that are not becoming to us and usually end up not wearing them. Some of this is impulse shopping and some of this is lack of knowledge.
I want each of you to take this self quiz of color analysis (below is the link). Once you figure out what your "signature colors" are, you are in business. From that point on you will not buy any clothes or accessories that don't fall into that color range. You will start out with what is already in your closet and build from there.
All of your basic colors like black, brown, navy blue, gray, tan can be used to build up your new look. Eventually you will end up replacing certain items hanging in your closet that is not in your seasonal colors and replace them with colors in your Season Palette. 
Wearing the right colors you eyes, hair and skin will sparkle and radiate a healthy glow.
Wearing the wrong colors your face will look tired and sallow and fade into the background.
Click on this link to take the self quiz to make sure you know your Best Seasonal Colors

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