Friday, February 22, 2013

Budget Savy Divas

  Before you go shopping, here are a few things I would like for you to consider. First of all, slow down :). If you are like me once you get an idea in your head you are ready to act upon it. In stores this is called impulse shopping and they like nothing better than an impulse buyer.

  As you get ideas for new outfits, keep in mind that you will only be buying items in your personal seasonal colors and basic colors. If you stick to that rule, after a while you will see how they will start matching up and compliment your current wardrobe. Remember to make sure what you are purchasing is flattering to your figure and style. Bring along a best friend for a second opinion.


  Before you leave the house, decide what you are looking for. Browsing fashion magazines, the internet and online boutiques are great places to begin. Once you have a plan, don't become overwhelmed in the stores. Stick to your plan. Sure, I agree it is not easy. With the lure of sales, endless promotions and discounts, it makes it tempting to run out a buy on sale. I have purchased clothes because of the discounts in the past and most of them were only worn a couple of times before I realized that they were not becoming on me. I found that buying more solids is easier on my budget because it makes putting outfit together a snap.

  You also want to consider how much room you have in your closet. Next post will be filled with storage ideas and tips to maximize you space and properly care for you clothes and accessories. Until then, enjoy window shopping!