Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Add Excitement To Your Wardrobe


Now for the fun part, while all my clothes are still laying in groups on my bed, I start going through my accessories mixing and matching scarves, jewelry and belts to create a new look. A great pair of black slacks and a blazer or sweater can turn into a new outfit just by changing your accessories. You may select a gorgeous scarf, which is in your color pallet, or a trendy necklace. What people will remember and see are your accessories. 

Shoes also play and important part in creating different looks. Pair your pants and blazer with a great pair of heels long necklace and dangling earrings. Then take the same pants and blazer and add a colorful scarf (remember, in your seasonal colors only). Slip on a pair of great boots and voilà, you have a second outfit. Now to make a third choice by exchanging the boots for a cute pair of flats, a coordinating belt, trendy earrings, necklace and bracelet. This time, switch out the slacks for a great fitting pair of jeans. You look awesome! 

 Instead of having to buy more and more clothes, you can change your accessories to achieve a whole new look and save quite a bit of money doing it. Make sure your ten basics garments (see previous post) are good quality and fit properly so they will last you much longer. Continue to make wardrobe clusters working in accessories that will make your seasonal colors pop. Jewelry is also a great way to add a trendy look to your existing wardrobe. 

  Have fun creating! The possibilities are endless. Building a stylish wardrobe is a gradual process. The basic garments are the building blocks for every wardrobe. Once you have established your basic wardrobe, you can start adding new pieces and accessories to express your personal style.          




BrenRiley said...

My wardrobe certainly could use some excitement, and those are excellent suggestions! Thanks.