Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jewelry Capsules

Jewelry Storage
  Today I am going to reveal the best kept secret of jewelry storage and organization. I know you are expecting something amazing to be written here but; out of all the many jewelry boxes, hooks and organizers I have had through out the years, I keep going back to the same method. Many women like to hang their jewelry so they can easily see what they have and avoid them from getting tangled. The only problem I have with this method is that the air oxidizes all jewelry (including fashion jewelry) and the dust in the air settles in the tiny spaces and groves in the jewelry.

So my tried and try method is this:

  All of my jewelry is kept in individual zip top bags. I take coordinating jewelry (each piece in their individual little bag) and make a jewelry capsule by placing all the coordinating items in one larger zip top bag. This makes it so easy to select the color of jewelry and see all the matching choices I have in the same color. You can purchase a variety of little zip top bags at your local craft store. I have one drawer in my dresser where I store my jewelry, fancy headband and hair clips. This will keep them from tangling, getting lost, banging around and scratching each other in your jewelry box and preserve the life of your jewelry.

  I use drawer organizers to keep my colors separated. You can purchase nice ones but to be honest with you, old shoe boxes work best for me. If you want to dress them up by painting them or covering them with paper, that would be a cute way to personalize them. I find that the shoe boxes are the perfect depth to hold several bags and the perfect size to fit in my drawer. I keep them separated by color. If you take a look on our website, , you will see the way I group the different colors. This makes it so easy to grab a bag and know something in that bag is going to coordinate with the color I am wearing.

  I actually discovered this trick when I was packing for a trip. I attached the coordinating jewelry bag to each of the outfits I was wearing. When I got back home, all I had to do is put the bag back in the drawer and it was ready for next time. My daughter, who is a single Mom, is always rushing out the door for work. She chooses what she is going to wear the night before and lays the jewelry bag on her dresser so she won't have to stress out in the morning getting ready for work and the kids ready for school.

  So now get creative and save your shoe boxes. Decorating them can be a fun project to enjoy with you kids or grandchildren. So now some of you are wondering what to do with those beautiful jewelry boxes you have. I have one of those tall, stand up jewelry boxes. I use it to store anything from sewing supplies, sunglasses, and etc. Most of the things that people keep in a "junk drawer" will be perfectly organized in there.

  Getting organized has very little to do with having to spend more money, it is all about being creative with what you have and taking proper care of it. Okay y'all (that's the southerner coming out in me), I am off to clean out another drawer. Little by little we will see a big difference. If you haven’t started yet, jump in and join us.

  I would like to send one of our readers, who leave a comment on this blog, an assortment package of zip top bags, to help them get started. I have them in eight different sizes and I will send you a bunch of each size. You will not believe how much time this will save you and how nicely it protects your jewelry.

  Until next time, please continue to let us know how it’s going and any good suggestions you may have to share with others.

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