Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Dress for Your Body Type

  Women come in all shapes and sizes. Most women hate talking about their body shape, because there is always one area we are not happy with. The most important rule of stylish dressing and the one people will remember, is how your clothes fit. Wearing clothes that are too big, too tight, etc are what people will remember about you. It does not matter how cute the outfit is, if it does not fit properly, it will not emphasize your beauty and minimize areas you are trying to cover up. By using clothing correctly, you can easily hide your body's imperfections and create the perfect style for you. It is human nature that people will notice what is wrong with your appearance before they look further. You may have just left the Salon and have a great hair style, perfectly polished toes and nails and the trendiest designer jewelry on and one unflattering fitting outfit dominates their first impression of you. Knowing what to wear to look your best starts with your body type.

  We are going to start by taking a body type assessment of ourselves. Knowing your body type will help you choose the right styles for your figure. Wearing clothes that are proportionately right for you is the key for looking your best.
  Once we figure out our body type you can choose styles are the most appropriate for your figure. We already figured out our best colors; if you haven't started yet, hop on board here. If you are like most women, now you realize why your closet is full with clothes that you almost never wear. Now you have the tools to make the best decision when buying clothes and accessories, saving you money and frustration.
  Make yourself a promise not to buy something because it is pretty, trendy and chic without first checking to make sure it is in your color palette and secondly that is an appropriate style for your body type. Emphasize your best features by knowing what to wear.
  There are basically six body types. The easiest way to figure out what is your body type, is to stand in front of a full length mirror and observe the relationship between your shoulders, bust line, hips and waist.

Your bust and hips are almost equal and your waist is well defined, Hourglass body types should emphasize their waist line and curve of their hips.

Your bust, waist and hips are all very similar. You do not have a well defined waist. Most in this body type have a medium bust and a flat bottom and have more of an athletic figure with not much definition. Rectangular body types should choose more fitted styles that emphasize their waist and curves.

Your bust, waist and hips are equal (waist may be larger) and most have a curved bottom. Oval body types need to choose styles to make the body look longer, elongated. Oval body types look best in v-necks and should never tuck in their tops at the waist. The goal is to elongate the visual shape of you body.

Your bust is smaller than your hips and bottom is curved. Your waist is well defined. The goal is to create an illusion that your shoulders are wide. Triangle body types should choose big collar shirts and can choose details like ruffles on the collar to make the shoulders appear broader. Keep your bottoms plain and simple and avoid turtlenecks that hide your neckline.
Inverted Triangle
Your shoulders are narrow, small bust line and most of your weigh is distributed in your midriff and waist area. Diamond body types should avoid anything that emphasizes their waist area.

Your shoulders are narrow, small bust line and most of your weigh is distributed in your midriff and waist area. Diamond body types should avoid anything that emphasizes their waist area.
The main objective ladies, is to find out what looks good on your body type to bring out the radient you. We all know that when we feel good about how we look, we radiant confidence and receive compliments.

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