Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Childhood Cancer

God amazes me ....
Posted by Staci Tubbs on May 20, 2008

I have to say we have been through more than our fair share of storms (trials of life) in the last 7-8 years. I really carried in my backpack a lot of which I didn't realize at the time. I took the oaks of righteousness class from church as I was told from one of the pastors, that I needed to before I was to start a ministry within the church. (Unfortunately this ministry didn't start, it will one day but for now God has placed it on the back burner). I thought I had dealt with everything. Boy was I wrong. You don't realize the baggage that you carry with you day in a day out. Anyway there is a long story about everything the Holy Spirit brought to the surface. He renewed my commitment to Beads of Hope and for that I am soooo thankful. Besides being a mother and wife I have a purpose to educate those that are not aware about childhood cancer. There are so many children suffering and yet no one knows about childhood cancer. Everyone knows about breast cancer. These are our children....our future...it saddens me that it takes a big star or corporation to make people stand up and take notice. That is not the majority in our world yet us little folks (divas) are what make up the majority of the population. If it wasn't for the self employed or Divapreneur there wouldn't be a lot of things.Where I was going with this post is when I finished the class. The Lord told me I would have lots of friends. I honestly thought are you nuts. I have always been the one on the outside looking in wanting to be the popular one, wanting to have tons of friends, wanting to be involved. Yet here I am. In the last month I have made so many friends and connected with people I have not talked to in a long time or even met and yet some how I feel I have known them and been close my entire life. God is awesome. There are a ton of fantastic ladies on this site. I sooooo look forward to the many things we as divas will do together to make the world take notice of us. Watch out world here we come!!!!!!