Saturday, May 17, 2008

Discovering Your Personal Style

Have you discovered your own personal style? If you look and feel confident in what you are wearing, you may have already determined what works for you. If not….please read on…

• Are you wearing most of the clothes hanging in your closet? If not, you need to
have a spring cleaning. It will make your task of finding something you look good
in and enjoy wearing much easier.
• Get rid of the old-fashioned clothes, the ones that don’t quit fit, and eliminate
those that are showing signs of wear & tear.
• What are left are the clothes that you like to wear and look good in.

Accentuate your assets

• The foundation of determining your style is to identify best features. Sadly, most women ignore this step.
• Know you body type and what looks best on you
• Once you have discovered your assets, select styles and colors that compliment them.
• Fashion and trends can be fun, but may not work for everyone. Just because something is hot, does not automatically mean you look good in it. Enjoy the trends but incorporate them when they compliment your personal style.

Trust your instincts

• When you look in the mirror and something doesn’t seem quit right, it probably isn’t.
• You will find yourself drawn to certain styles & colors because you know they look good on you.
• Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Find Your Look & Own It

• Style starts on the inside. If you feel like a million bucks, you will look like a million bucks!
• Wear what you know looks good on you. Looking good and feeling good about your looks builds confidence and confidence is the best look you can have!
• Once you find your own personal style and own it, you can accessorize you outfits with jewelry that will enhance your signature style.

Need Help?
Send me a picture of your outfit and let me offer you a list of jewelry suggestions personally selected for you.


The Diva's Hammer said...

Hi Lynn!
Oh nice blog....

I agree sometimes we are just lot aren't we LOL

I have noticed too that as my experience of years accumulate, the same colors dont look the same ON ME ! LOL

It can be daunting! To find the right shades for yourself...and we are always our own worst critic...
If you were closer, I would always be asking you that now famous line...
"how do i look!?"

Great Blog!

Anna at said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks for the tips! Your post inspired me to reassess my style and make sure that I'm accentuating my assets.

Thanks also for posting my banner on your site! Keep in touch :)

Leslie said...
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