Friday, May 2, 2008

Your Jewelry Box ~ Organize it!

Your Jewelry Box

What does your jewelry box look like? Better yet, do you have any idea what is in there? Is it neatly organized so you can find something to enhance the outfit you are wearing? If not please keep reading.

My husband often accuses me of spending more time deciding & selecting what jewelry pieces I am going to wear each day. He is partially correct! Unless you have unlimited wealth, most of us have a basic wardrobe hanging in our closet. Sure we have the occasional “special occasion outfits” but for the most part we have a selection of mix and match sets to choose from.

Selecting your jewelry should be given as much consideration as you clothing wardrobe. With proper care of your jewelry (which we will discuss soon) it will be around a lot longer than your clothes. You can transform your wardrobe by carefully selecting your jewelry.

Your first order of business should be to clean and organize you closet. If it doesn’t look great on you, don’t keep it. Spend some time this week organizing your closet.
Donate to charity anything you haven’t worn in the last year with the exception of your “special outfits” that are only worn for special occasions. What is hanging in your closet should reflect who you are, your style & unique personality. Organize similar items together.

We all tend to hang on to a few things that simply do not fit us anymore or are looking worn out. Be courageous my dear, toss it in the give away pile!

Wow! What a difference. Now you can actually see what you have and know that you will look good in everything that is in there.

Your jewelry wardrobe does not have to be expensive or extensive, but it should be well thought out and organized to reflex your style.

Now, about that jewelry box……

Organize it!
Take an inventory of what you actually wear. If the item is broken, missing stones, doesn’t fit or simply is never worn, it does not belong there. (More on jewelry repair soon).

Storage Options:
The Jewelry Box
There is a wide variety of beautiful and functional boxes with compartments available. Unfortunately we have a tendency to toss our items in there and before long we have a box with necklaces tangled around bracelets. To avoid the cluttered mess, each jewelry item should be place in a little zip top plastic bag. My favorite zip top bag size for pendants is 2” x 3”, larger necklaces 4” x 6”, Earrings 2” x 2”. Make sure they are clear (see through) and 2ml thickness. You can find these in your local craft shop, the internet or on eBay.
When putting a chain in a plastic bag leave the clasp hanging out the top before you seal it closed. This will keep the chain from getting tangled. If it is Sterling Silver, put this little bag inside a larger one to keep the clasp from tarnishing.
You’ll be surprised how much cleaner your Sterling Silver jewelry will be if you keep it in these little bags. Sterling Silver tarnishes when exposed to the air.

I like to group matching items together. I still keep each item in an individual bag, but then group the sets and put the smaller bags in one larger bag. This is a great tip for traveling too!

Now you can identify gaps in your jewelry wardrobe and make good choices for future purchases.

Remember, your jewelry and your clothes are reflections of your personal style.

Next blog will be:
How to Choose Earrings that Look Good on You

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The Diva's Hammer said...

I love this blog....It re-enforces my attitude of "something in...something out"...!
And I am complete fanatic about organizing and storing my jewelry, scarves, hats, purses, gloves, shoes etc....they all have a place....!
Good to know that Ms Lynn would be proud of me! :)