Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Choosing Your Ring

Choosing Your Ring

Nothing brings more attention to our hands than rings. One of the nicest features of a ring is that we can enjoy the beauty of the piece we are wearing without looking in the mirror.
The rings you choose to wear are a reflection of our personality and many have symbolic meaning to us.

When you are choosing a ring to purchase, consider the shape of your hands and fingers.

A ring that is longer than it is wide, emphasizes the length of long fingers
Wide bands make the fingers look shorter
“Chunky” rings look best on a larger hand or someone with long fingers.
A diagonal setting adds the appearance of longer fingers to a shorter hand.

Anatomy of the Ring:
The head hold your stone in place. The prongs on the head slightly cover the shape of stone to keep it in place. The remainder of the ring is called the shank. A ring shank can wear down over time becoming thinner and can be replaced with another full shank or a half shank.

Age, arthritis or swelling of the joint may cause the knuckles to become larger. This may cause your ring to fit uncomfortably. There are brand names of ring shanks that are adjustable. They are Fingerfit, Superfit & Lockshank. A professional jeweler can install this type of shank to your ring.