Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How to Choose the Right Earrings

Well chosen earrings can dangle to match your playful personality or convey authority.
Choose a style of earring to flatter your face or draw attention away from problem areas.

FACE: Consider the shape of your face. They eye is drawn to the point at which the earring ends. To focus attention to your face, wear your earrings no longer than your jaw line. If you need to draw attention away from your jaw line, select earrings that are a bit shorter.

EYES: If you are is a stage of life that you need to draw attention away from eyes that are beginning to age, select earrings that are on French Wires that do not sit on the ear lobe.

NOSE: Choose earrings that are the opposite shape of your nose. If you have a long slender nose, select rounded styles. If you have a round nose, select dangle earrings. Bear no resemblance to the shape of your nose.

NECK: The longer your neck the greater the range of your earring length is.


The most common problem is earrings that droop and do not sit upright on your ear lobe. The solution is to buy round plastic disks that sit against the back of your ear between your ear lobe and the earring back. You can easily find these in most department & drug stores. Keep a pair on hand. You may run across a pair of earring the droop at bit due to the weight of the earring.


The Diva's Hammer said...

Thanks Lynn for those key points to remember...
It is so easy just to know that a certain pair look good on...and never really know why! Now that we DO know why, makes us a better shopper! We can understand the styles to look for, and we will be better adorned when we are done!
Thank you ;)

Chic Girl said...

Great points. You are such a good teacher!